Story of my life - part VI

3rd june 2017

After less than 2 weeks i got shocked by seeing my own beloved-fatherlike-uncle die in front of me,
Today,I got another shocked by seeing my own father collapsed in front of me..
Siapa tak cuak tgk ayah sendiri tak sedarkan diri and foam keep going coming out from his mouth..
And again,i was a little bit late during the climax..

my heart is too fragile for another lose..

Mak is call,dia nages..mak yam call,dia nages..jumpa uncle n mama,dua dua nages..i know bc everyone still in shock sbb arwah pakyud dulu..tapi aku..i just have to hold everything inside..until the time when you called,then i know i dont have to pretend that im strong and i can cry so hard like i want..


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