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dear friend

dear friend, when you feels weak, i'll make you stronger.. when you fell, i'll catch you.. when you feel mislead, i'll find a path so that you can find a way... i'll hold your hand until you find your own way out.. i'll never leave you.. i'll always love you.. i can't imagine life without you.. i'll be the one who hug you whenever you need love.. when you on the floor in the million pieces, and your heart is bleeding, i'll be there to pick up your pieces.. miss u always dear..

the road had taken


assalamualaikum everyone.. alhamdulillah,it has been 2 weeks since i left msia.. finally settle down in alexandria.. the place that we ( me actually ) keep talking about.. emmmm.. how to start ek.. well,lets talk about how do i felt when my 1st foot step on the egpyt's ground..(ayat masalah doe) its felt like, OMG,i finally in egpyt babe! but the excitement suddenly went down when i  suddenly terpikir about, all the obtacles that i'll face through out this year.. one year is long enough ape tah lg 5 thun kan.. being separated from my beloved people make me felt like, this heart is full with milo ais...(???) it's like really hard to breath la..ayooo.. but nevertheless,i already reached here which not many people received this great yet too risky opportunity.. feeling like i'm alone here, sometimes really make me sick.. but heyy,i got job need to be done.. succesfully.. nak xnk, I HAVE TOO BE STRONG.. it's not like i'm all alone doing this.. i know that, my family,my friends and…

this is not the end,this is just beginning..


it's only left a few hours b4 i'm leaving this lovely house.. and 2 daysb4 i'm completely  leaving malaysia.. still,my feeling is mix up with hundreds type of  feeling.. (tipu la tu byk norh feelingnyee..)
a journey that start 
from here  (nampak x rumah sayyyyyeeeee...)


cam x real pon ade rasenyee... biar betik i'll leaving malaysia for egypt.. no matter how many times i keep denied it, it's still the fact that i should n wajib accept.. the fact that i will leaving this lovely country.. the fact that i will leaving ayah n ibu... along,abang,uda,cop... all the pakcik makcik... sedara.. cousins.. my lovely n greats buddies-till-death.. and.. him... ( haha,nak juga XD )

but i have jobs to do.. more to tanggungjawab actually.. tanggungjawab yg sgt berat untuk dipikul  mahupun didukung lagi diseret..pfft..

i'm not a strong person to be honest.. but perhaps that's why Allah give me this challenge.. the challenge that will teach me, how to become a better muslimah.. insyaAlla…

the faces that i will miss so much..


it has been a week since the hectic raya was celebrated.. now is still in hari raya, but the mood is more to sedih bcz of nak tinggalkan  mereka2 yg telah meninggalkn bekas2 tapak kaki  mereka di hati ini...


along n abang



not to mention these crazy faces dat makes my life full...

beybeh forever...

you guys rock my world..

and sumone dat i will.... really3 miss so much....

*gamba xley letak,kontrovesi nanti XD*

i just wanna let y'll noe dat, no matter how far we are, no matter how many years we are separated, deep down in my heart, u guys will always be apart of it.. i really3 love n miss all of u so much.. sekian.