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The dream

The dream.beautiful.but sad.

i know,i have to be strong against this sickness..but being far away from family for a long time is already hard,apatah lagi bila kita dalam keadaan kesakitan..

i thought i'm fine. i thought that i'm strong enough to facing this alone. but i was wrong. complete wrong. and the dream  had make me realize how the person you love is needed especially when  your mental and physical are totally breakdown.
never thought that this sickness could be this far. the pains. the tears.
the sacrifices that are needed for it.
sakit yang dulu kini telah merebak. it has been confirmed by the two orthopedic docs.. kalau sebelum ni hanya bermain sekitar lower limb, but now, it's getting up to the upper limb. along the spinal column.
plus,the pain is double. all the running,jogging for hours,mountain climbing,travelling,silat,the activity that i used to say as 'my thing', right now, is kinda immposible to that.. it's not my thing anymore. even the normal distance of walking is…