the craziest gurl that had own my heart..


this post i dedicated to one of my dearest friend yet
could be the craziest gurl in the WORLD ( bhahaahhahahaha ) named,


today, 8TH 0CTOBER 2011 is her birthday,
but its kinda sad bcz i can't be beside her
to wish her n celebrated together..
but what make me regret the most is,
i failed to be the 1st one who wish her bcz of  diff  time
between msia n egypt..
i should not change my time in my phone..
kan dh trlmbat wish..
stupid phone! (ceh,pdhal diri punya salah!)

what ever it is,
utk menggantikan ketidakhadiran diriku di sebelah kamu,
dan kelewatan dlm mengewish kamu,
serta ketidakmampuan ku memberikn kamu hadiah,
dek berbatu2 jauhnya diri kami,
i wish u will received my personal note..
straight from my heart..

thank you for being my fren.
thank you for laughing at my jokes.
thank you for pujuk ( lpe english sat ) i whenever i feel sad.
thank you for being there for me.
and today,
i wish you a lot of happiness.
i wish you to be succes in your life.
get what you need.
get rid of the stress.
get rid of everything that might hurt you.
and lastly,
i wish you to be with your MAN together ever after..

never forget me like i always do to you..

love n miss you so muchhhh..


this song is for you..
still remember it? ;)

really hope that we'll always stand on each other side..



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