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Even if we are separated

Even if we can’t meet up with each other

This heart, will think of you

I’ll watch over you

Whenever it may be

If you think of me

I’ll be by your side
Even if you write down everything that’s ever crossed your heart,
there will still come a day when none of your words 
can explain how you feel
and there is when i miss you most.



powdered-snow, within the revolving seasons
we always miss out each other
although we got separated within the crowd,
we look into the same sky
blown in the wind,
we feel the same chills everything about you,
guess I don’t really know
even so, from one hundred million
I still found you
although i’m not really sure,
i’m seriously thinking about it if slight quarrels may lose our laughters
then we must not live in the same moment of time
if we can’t be honest to each other
happiness and sadness are just empty

powdered-snow, until our hearts become white-dyed
let us meet so that we can share our loneliness I want to put my ears into your heart
to hear the voice that gently leads into the depth
I want to go descend, and let us meet once again there although I say that I want to understand,
but I can only stroke the surface of my words
even your hands that have become cold,
only by holding them tightly, we were connected powdered-snow, even too fragile before the eternity
fell and became stain upon the…

Tangisan itu

selalu aku minta bahagia. tapi Tuhan hantarkan air mata. mungkin kerna, hanya setelah air mata mencuci mata aku teringat kembali akan nikmat-nikmat  dan kurniaanNya yang tidak terhingga. mungkin kerna, hanya setelah air mata kering, aku teringat kata-kata syukur dan Alhamdulillah yang telah terlalu lama  aku lupakan.

dan sebenarnya Tuhan itu sudah memberi bahagia  cuma caraNya berbeza. lalu bagi aku tiada salahnya tangisan itu kerna hanya denganNya aku bisa menangis seberapa mahuku kerna menangis denganNya itu menenangkan.

Temani aku

There is time you will feels like you wanna run away from eveything You wanna go as far as you can from all the things in this world As sometimes this world makes you hardly to breath Sometimes it also push you to become somebody else Until it even makes you hardly recognize the real you.. Even at outside it shows such a warm smile, But inside, There is full of battles. Battles.. Of fighting yourself. will it be someone out there would save me?

Betapa membencikan. Kerna diri ini penuh lemah. Penuh compang camping Tidak mampu melawan serangan-serangan musuh Mu, Yang mahukan hamba-hamba Mu daripada terus taat Teguh berdiri Sehebat Al-Fatih berjihad mempertahankan iman di dada ini.

Acap kali diri ini berbisik.. Tuhan.. Kuatkan aku.. Kerna langkahku ini kerap kali rapuh. Kadangkala acap kali tersungkur. Menyembah bumi Mu. Dalam menangkis segala tangan-tangan yang menarik diri  Terperosok , Jauh ke dalam kancah maksiat yang bertentangan dengan redha Mu.

Kuatkan aku , Tuhan.. Hanya Kau Yang Maha Mengetahui. Hanya Ka…