the start of the new life

this proverb really suit me well..
when trouble used to come over me,
i thought that everything will turn into the drain..
always feels afraid if i can't feel the happiness again..
but still,
Allah S.W.T is the Most Merciful...
He will always listen to His servants..
and always try to fulfill our needs..
sometimes,it make me feels ashamed as i always get what i want
sedangkn aku sndri kdg2 kala
terlupa tugas aku yg abadi;


i'm the type of person who can't live without love..
aku mendambakan cinta-Mu,
dan aku memerlukan cinta sesama insan..
dan aku bersyukur tika mana aku kehilangan cinta si dia,
Kau datangkan cinta kekasih-Mu..

to me,
true love is the sweetest thing in life..
that's why we're all either
in love or looking for love...
sometimes you have to work on it,
especially when life gets in the way,
but i believe that,
deep love is always worth fighting for...


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