so long,farewell,goodbye..

people always say dat,
dun worry of letting go....
cause Allah will give u much better in ur future...
always believe that every single things,
has it own reason for the thing to be occur..

to be honest,
i dun really have a very strong heart..
but,perhaps because of that la,Allah keep challenge me
in my life..
to help me to train my heart to be less fragile..

there is a hole in my heart..
i realised..
after all the thing u had done..
such a very deep,hollow and sorrow hole..
it do cause me a lot of pain,i guess..
but dun worry,
i'll try my very best to find the plaster to tampal it...
and i believe that Allah will give me
the best plaster ever to cover the hole
so that my sorrow will never cause the pain in my heart again...

p/s : i wish u know that u had hurted me so bad..

A beautiful doa
A Husband said this to his wife; If Jannah was a flower I would pick it for you, if Jannah was a bird I would catch it for you, If Jannah was a house i’d build it for you, but since Jannah is a place no eye has ever seen, I make dua to ALLAH to reserve it for you.


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