powdered-snow, within the revolving seasons
we always miss out each other
although we got separated within the crowd,
we look into the same sky
blown in the wind,
we feel the same chills
everything about you,
guess I don’t really know
even so, from one hundred million
I still found you
although i’m not really sure,
i’m seriously thinking about it
if slight quarrels may lose our laughters
then we must not live in the same moment of time
if we can’t be honest to each other
happiness and sadness are just empty

powdered-snow, until our hearts become white-dyed
let us meet so that we can share our loneliness
I want to put my ears into your heart
to hear the voice that gently leads into the depth
I want to go descend, and let us meet once again there
although I say that I want to understand,
but I can only stroke the surface of my words
even your hands that have become cold,
only by holding them tightly, we were connected
powdered-snow, even too fragile before the eternity
fell and became stain upon the rough asphalt
powdered-snow, in such time unreliable, shaking my heart
even so, I want to keep on protecting you…
powdered-snow, until our hearts become white-dyed
wrap up our loneliness, return it to the sky…


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