the faces that i will miss so much..


it has been a week since the hectic raya
was celebrated..
now is still in hari raya,
but the mood is more to sedih bcz of nak tinggalkan 
mereka2 yg telah meninggalkn bekas2 tapak kaki 
mereka di hati ini...


along n abang



not to mention these crazy faces
dat makes my life full...

beybeh forever...

you guys rock my world..

and sumone dat i will....
really3 miss so much....

*gamba xley letak,kontrovesi nanti XD*

i just wanna let y'll noe dat,
no matter how far we are,
no matter how many years we are separated,
deep down in my heart,
u guys will always be apart of it..
i really3 love n miss all of u so much..


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